Monday, August 29, 2011

Guarding Your Thoughts - Preparing To Be A Help Meet - Conversations

Guarding Your Thoughts

This is what I have been trying to do even more so after reading the book. I am going to commit more verses to memory that will help with guarding my thoughts. There are so many Scripture verses in the book that is good for that. I am writing them down to go through and learn. The book was convicting. I was convicted even more about my conduct and habits that I have as a young unmarried woman that need to be worked on. I was convicted about quiet disobedience. I didn't recognize it as disobedience at first. I couldn't understand why my Dad would say that I was at times. I saw through this book that I had been in some ways just that. Not that I have been wicked in the sense of being a worldly person and living a worldly lifestyle but it was just in the small things. How I am now is going to carry over into marriage if I ever do have that privilege and so now is the time for me to work on the things I need to by asking and praying for the Lord to change me but of course with a willing heart to change otherwise it wouldn't work. It's  like banging  against a brick wall and there's not a budge at all if there wasn't a willing heart. I have watched young women I know get married and have problems because they didn't take care of the things they needed to before they married. I for one do not want to be like that! Sorry, I want to become Miss Right for when Mr. Right comes along. I want to be what I need to be for whoever He is. And what if I end up  marrying a preacher then what good would I be if I didn't work on the things that I need to??? I'd be a bad example to other young women and older ladies alike. I'd be a poor excuse of a christian. And I do not want that. I do not want to be a hinderance to anyone. The book also, was encouraging and I definitely learned somethings. I think there was only one thing I disagreed on and that's it. I do highly encourage other young ladies and married ladies to read,"Preparing To Be A Help Meet."

Friday, August 12, 2011

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Water Fluoridation DVD
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