Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hello, Ladies! I found an old post over at Rebecca's Reflections and thought I would share some of that post on here, since I thought it was pretty interesting.
Here it is:

The Calling to a Ministry
There are many young women today who say that they are called to be a pastor's wife or a missionary's wife. Some even say that they are called to a specific place of ministry. But can a woman pinpoint a specific area or place of ministry when she has not yet met her husband?
Did God intend for women to first determine their own calling and then find a man who shares the same calling? Suppose a woman does marry a man who shares her "calling". What happens if the man is later called to another location or to a different area of ministry? I surely hope that the woman does not insist on staying because she has been "called" to that particular ministry.
In some instances, the Lord does not lead a man to serve in ministry until after he has already married. I have heard of such stories in which the man's wife protests saying, "Well, the Lord didn't call me!"I contend that the Lord did call her. Whether she realizes it or not, she answered God's call the day she agreed to marry her husband.
I feel a little hesitant about what I am about to say. Biblically, I cannot find evidence of a woman being called to a ministry at all. I believe that the Lord most certainly does call men to serve Him today. I believe that He calls women also--but probably not in the way which is commonly thought. The Lord calls women to serve alongside their husbands--to be the completer and the helper which is suitable to him. If it is God's will that a woman marry, she is first and foremost called to be the wife of her husband.
Some Final Thoughts
I will admit that I have not always believed everything that I have put forth in this post. I am speaking specifically of the issue of a woman's calling to a ministry. When the Lord first began to work in my heart concerning this, I found myself trying to make excuses. But when I finally accepted what I believe is God's plan for women, I felt such a relief! Truly, God's plan for women and the purpose for which she was created is a beautiful thing!
Truthfully, I still hope with all of my heart that the Lord allows me to serve Him alongside my husband someday. But the Lord knows what is best. Whatever my future husband's vocation may be, I will know of a certainty that the Lord has called me to be his wife. Whether the Lord calls my husband to a foreign land or to stay here in America, I will go with him. I will go with him because he will be my husband--I will be his wife.

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  1. Excellent post Karla. One of the best on here so far...I have been thinking about this lately as young ladies have been telling me that they are "called to be a missionary's wife" or "called to be a pastor's wife".