Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Baking Soda

Hello! I decided to talk about baking soda and how useful it can be. Plus, it is cheap.

For Baby: Bath: Add 2 tablespoons soda to bathwater to soften skin and minimize the need for soap. Diaper odor: Add 1/2 cup soda to water in diaper pail. Soak diapers and pants. Soda neutralizes acid and makes laundering more effective. Clean bottles: Mix 4 tablespoons soda with 1 quart water. Fill bottles, let stand overnight. Rinse well, then air dry. Removes sour milk taste and odor.

Baking specialties: As called for in your favourite recipes.

To Clean: Use directly on all surfaces as a no scratch scouring powder. Combine 4 tablespoons soda with 1 quart water for an all purpose cleaner. To clean oven and stove top drip pan. Combine soda with water to make a thick paste.(Note: This is not a heavy duty oven cleaner.) For crusted cookware, boil half a pot of water with 2 tablespoons each soda and vinegar.

To Deodorize: Place opened box in refrigerator and freezer. Stir every 2 weeks to expose fresh soda. Replace with new box every 2 months.(Reuse old boxes for household cleaning.)

For Health Care: Bathwater: 1/2 cup soda in bathwater softens water and skin.
Mouthwash: Dissolve 1 teaspoon soda in a half glass of warm water and gargle.
Tooth powder: Dampen toothbrush, coat with soda and brush.

For Pet Care: To deodorize Kitty Litter: Sprinkle 16 ounces of soda in litter box and cover with litter. Replace as necessary, As pet shampoo rub soda into pets fur; Comb or brush out. Ideal when tub bath isn't convenient. A handful of soda in pet's bathwater helps eliminate odors.

Swimming Pool Care: As directed by your pool's manufacturer.

Bee Sting: Pour some soda onto a small plate then add enough water to make a paste. Then apply to the swollen are of the bee sting and after an hour it should go down and just keep washing it and reapplying until there is no more swelling or redness and looks normal.

Tick Bite: Again pour some soda onto a small plate, add enough water to make a paste. Then apply to area of the tick bite. It will draw out the poison and will push out the tick head if it still remains in the skin. If there is need to repeat steps then do so. Once it has drawn the poison out and tick head there then will be a scab left. (We did this when we got tick bites at the Martin Nature Park Center. The ticks had a spot on them and carry Rocky Mountain Fever. But, by making a paste out of the soda it took care of any chances of us getting ill.)

Deodorant: Pour enough of soda into hand and rub the under arm. Kills the odor and works well for those who cannot use anti-perspirant.


  1. It is a little disconcerting to think that what we put into cakes can also be used as deodorant... haha!

    But I do have to agree, it's a great product!

  2. Doesn't know how to break it to Karla that baking soda does NOT stop diaper stink...LOL. It doesn't, really, tea tree essential oil with it helps, but doesn't eliminate it, and the baking soda alone...well all it is is a waste of baking soda lol.

  3. Use white vinegar for diapers. Works great for the smell, stains, etc. Also great for other general household cleaning!

  4. Baking soda also makes a nice exfoliant; I use it on my face, and also sprinkle it on my hair (my hair is very oily) before washing with castile soap.