Friday, September 4, 2009

Praise the Lord for children

Today, I am still having some pain from the wreck. The good news is the cab company got in touch with my Dad and said they would cover the damage that their driver did to our van when he ran into me( WHICH THEY SHOULD)and pay for chiropractor bills for my back/neck. I have been taking some cell food so that should help, as well. I have to rest in between doing chores and cannot do all the chores that I normally do because of my back and such. My arm is sore, too.

We got bunk beds and my 6 year old brother(who is just so cute) said that it's kind of like a two story house except a two story bed...children are so funny:)

I will have to post a picture of my brother with his missing two front teeth. It is quite cute and funny. It's funny how he talks with his teeth missing.

I sit with him and have him read the Bible a few verses a day. He is currently in Genesis 7. It's amazing how reading that good ol' AV 1611 that it expands ones vocabulary especially my brother learning words he doesn't know and might not no till later on if we didn't have him start reading the Bible, now. I had him draw a picture to go with what he learned from reading the Bible. It is of the windows of heaven opened with rain and animals of every sort. I will have to take a picture of his drawing and post it. He was wanting to go camping again but I can't go until my back is better from the wreck and I don't want to be left out because I enjoy camping very much.

I still have to say PRAISE GOD that I got to witness to the guy, though! God is just so merciful and good!

Oh, Sunday I took two home made cakes to church for our church dinner. On was a chocolate cake with truffle frosting and the other was a yellow cake with white frosting. I didn't pay close attention to the chocolate cake recipe and instead of putting unsweetened chocolate in it I put semi sweet chocolate chips in it which I was supposed to only use in the frosting! FYI- read and make sure what is supposed to go in there *smiles*.

Do any of ya'll get the Above Rubies magazine through snail mail? I like the helpful information in it. I really enjoyed reading how this one woman's husband has a zero tolerance zone for teenagers. They refer to them as young adults so as to give them a better picture of what is expected of them. Not to say they cannot have a little enjoyment but if you look back maybe a hundred or two years ago young adults were not immature at 16 they were mature and ready for life. I am thankful for a father who has made me grow up. I have come to realize that I don't have to be immature and down to where they are to be a blessing to them. I have also come to realize that they are that way because of their upbringing and parents do not realize what they are doing by letting them be foolish. I have noticed that some of these daughters who are at home and have graduated are more mature than most because of the way their parents have taught them and treated them. I think it is very important that families are close and homeschooling is an important role in it, as well. But, that doesn't mean just because they are home schooled they won't know how to socialize or they will be sheltered. It all depends on what is allowed in the home. I know quite a few people who home schooled their children but ya can't tell because they are like everyone else in the world and there's not much difference because of what they let into the home. It's not always bad to have your children sheltered but also make sure at certain age groups they are aware of the stuff that they need to be aware of so that they can avoid it or understand what it is that's going on. Like for instance we have a chick tract that my brother found in a drawer but I couldn't go into detail all that was in it because of the subject but I just said well it talks of how it is a sin for a man to like another man in the same way as a man liking a woman and that's all I said and left it at that. He doesn't need to know all about it at 6 years old. He is at an age that it's not always appropriate for him to know it all and he's innocent and it's good to keep it that way.

Well, I better get going... I want to try and get a few dishes done before I rest again.

Have a blessed day!

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