Thursday, December 17, 2009

Created To Be His Help Meet by Debi Pearl

I was recently given a book by my dearest friend and sister Courtney's Mama because I had commented about how someone told me that Debi Pearl's book made it sound like a woman is to be a doormat. Well, I have been reading it and I can understand why my friend might come to that conclusion but I don't believe that's what Mrs. Pearl meant for it to sound like. I like the book and have had others recommend it to me before(And they aren't door mats). I had been reading on where she mentions being thankful and learning to thank God for things and even when we are down in the dumps. What was interesting is when my Dad preached on the difference of David and his son Solomon. David thanked God alot. Just look at the book of Psalms. After God gave Solomon wisdom and more he didn't even thank God for it. My Pa also mentioned about thanking God even for the little things and when we are down in the dumps. When ya start thanking God it's hard to not smile after awhile if you weren't already smiling. I am thankful for that sermon and thankful that I have the opportunity to read this book. I might not agree on a couple things but overall I would recommend this book. Alot of times it's easy to not thank God and well sometimes it's really laziness or pride but God deserves our thanks for we really do not deserve anything at all even the walls on our house or a roof over our head. In the Bible we were only promised food and rainment( might of spelled that wrong).

Those are my thoughts for today. Hope everyone enjoys their day:)

Hoping and trusting in my Lord & Saviour,



  1. LOL Karla I figured you would probably like it, and that's ok, we can still be friends. HAHA. Although, my personal belief is that the book is very, very damaging if put in the wrong hands. For women in truly abusive relationships, this is the wrong book entirely.

    MY husband doesn't want a marriage like this, so the book was bad for us. He wants a woman who thinks for herself and is capable. Not one that defers to him, even though she hates the activity or thinks he's wrong. He thinks that's a cop out and he hates it.

    For husbands who want a woman like that, it might be a good book. Just remember that you are not married yet, and one day your husband might want you to be just like that book says, or he might not. Just be open to staying the same or changing.

    By the way, I love the new blog background.

  2. LOL. I am reading that book, now and I don't see what you are talking about. Debi even says to contact the authorities if the husband is abusive. I never got the idea that I wasn't to think for myself in the book because that is very opposite my Dad. My Dad tells me to think for myself and has always tried to get me to think for myself and not because of him or others. I will do what God wants and he will provide a husband that will do what God wants, also.

    Didn't you read this book when you were lost?

    I am only responding back to your comment.

    Thanks, I like the background alot, too. Hard to find western blog/blogger backgrounds.

  3. Yes, I read the book before I was saved, the first time. I hated it. So when I got saved, I read it again and asked God to give me an open mind to receive it.

    I wanted to do what was right so badly, and I prayed through the whole book, asking God if it was right. I felt like He was prompting me that it was NOT right, but I followed the advice anyway seeing as I was trying to do right and everyone else thought it was right.

    One thing I have been learning is that I must do what God reveals to me is right, not what everyone else tells me is right. I have the Holy Spirit inside of me, and if I listen to Him, then I can ignore what others think.

    Debi speaks out of both sides of her mouth. She makes the pretense of wanting women to call the authorities when a husband is abusive, but she has an example in the book where one woman's husband holds a knife to her, and she tells the woman that her husband wouldn't do that if she'd just quit telling people about the abuse. It absolutely horrifies me that people don't find anything wrong with this part of the book. Jordan wanted to tear it up and burn it, but it was not ours.

    I know several men who do NOT want their wives to follow the bad advice in this book, and they have happy marriages. However, the women I know that follow this advice are miserable (you can see it) and are just little string puppets for their husbands.